"When I first started, I was a bit hesitant and in a dismal place in my relationship and career. Now, there aren't enough words to describe the wonderful job Jessica did. She opened my eyes to new perspectives and guided me towards a more positive lifestyle. The amount of patience she has is remarkable and really promotes personal and spiritual growth. I would really recommend her coaching services and a 5 out of 5-star service!"  -Lana


"I left our time together gaining such a positive outlook of my future. What I wanted to gain from these sessions was a step towards bettering my life and myself as a person and that I did, 110 percent. Mrs. O’Brien did a wonderful job in being that outside source I needed to encourage me in reminding me of how special I am and how the world is in my hands. If It wasn’t for these sessions, it is hard to say that I wouldn’t realize my worth in the timely frame that I had. Jessica O’Brien had a tremendous part in me being where I am now and I could not thank her enough for this life changing experience. I have gained a great deal of self-assurance and positivity through these sessions and I have also gained a life-long coach that accepted me with open arms."  -Emily


"My daughter Amanda and I had the fortunate opportunity to be a part of Jessica's relationship development program. At the time, Amanda was a senior in high school. I can’t thank Jessica enough for the information and lessons she blessed us with! Her educational lesson plan along with teaching through personal experience was above and beyond what I expected. Not only did my daughter come out with a new outlook on abstinence but so did I as a mother and woman. Jessica was able to incorporate a mother-daughter session into her classes and I found it to be a cherished and wonderful opportunity to keep my daughter and I on the same page. Today, Amanda is in her second year of college with a steady boyfriend of two years and they both have chosen to keep their promise of abstinence. It truly shows me how much he cares for her, and how much she cares for God's will for the both of them. I highly recommend the program! It was very eye opening, empowering and meant so very much. I could not have asked for a better experience or teacher."    -Wendy 


"I started the relationship development program with my best friend when I had just started a relationship. It was my very first official boyfriend, and I did not know what exactly to expect or what to do in certain situations. Jessica helped me to be able to understand what was going on, how to distinguish what my head and heart where telling me. I am still with my boyfriend today, over two years later, and during times of confusion I still remember what Jessica taught me. For anyone who is in need of relationship advice, whether you already have a relationship or not, I highly recommend this class. It will help you to understand the differences in a healthy relationship, how to stay pure, how to put God first, and how to understand yourself."  -Amanda 

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